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World’s BEST Vegan Bacon! (made from tofu)

That is the most productive vegan bacon recipe, palms down . . Then arms again up in have fun over how superb it’s to have ‘bacon’ again in a single’s lifestyles YEAAAAH!!!





Company (or additional company) tofu block (round 400g)

6 Tbsp Soy sauce

6 Tbsp Oil (I used rapeseed)

three Tbsp Liquid smoke

2 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar

Small sprinkle of salt

Baking paper is helping yeah!


5x Company (or additional company) tofu block (round 400g)

315g Soy sauce

120g Oil (I used rapeseed)

115g Liquid smoke

100g Balsamic vinegar

five Small sprinkles of salt

Baking paper is helping yeah!


Eliminate the tofu water, pat the block dry, then minimize into slices just a little thicker than a bacon slice (round 4mm)

Lay the slices on a tea towel (or rest room towel), fold the towel over and press down at the tofu to press out the water.

Placed the slices again into the dried tofu box (isolating with baking paper each and every few slices to prevent it freezing into an incredible block) and freeze.

To defrost, separate the tofu blocks, position the tofu in a loosely coated box and use the microwave defrost environment for round four-five minutes till thawed. Discard any water that has pop out and put aside any thawed slices. If a few are nonetheless frozen, again within the microwave for a few mins at a time till all have thawed.

Identical to sooner than, position the tofu on a towel and press to take away as so much water as imaginable.

Combine all the different foods (with the exception of the baking paper) in combination in a bowl till the salt has dissolved.

Lay the tofu slices in a bowl or its unique box and pour the marinade over. Permit to marinate for no less than 10 minutes flipping the slices midway thru

Preheat your oven to 150c (300f) and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Lightly shake off extra marinade from the tofu slices and lay at the baking tray. Loosely duvet with any other sheet of baking paper.

Prepare dinner for 15 minutes, turn the slices, some other 15 minutes, and eliminate.

Chuck those immediately into sandwiches or salads, or use as opposed to bacon or pancetta in dishes like carbonara.

OR freeze them for later, and directly right into a calmly oiled frying pan on med-top warmth for a few minutes each and every aspect to re-warmth. YUM!!!


Freezing the tofu first makes it a bit extra chewy like meat. How? Magic!

The highest layer of baking paper within the oven is to lend a hand save you the out of doors of the tofu from burning/crisping up an excessive amount of.

The thinner the slices, the extra ‘jerky’ just like the tofu will pop out. The thicker the slices, the softer the interior will probably be.

Depart the slices in for extra 10 mins or as a way to get one thing corresponding to jerky or biltong.

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